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Bed C
Bed C

Bed C

Bed C is researched and developed based on the simplicity and orderliness of urban living space. The high headboard gives users the feeling of being sheltered and protected in any lying position. The neutral color makes Bed C easy to combine with any furniture to create a unique signature for your room.

Adjusted sizes based on customer request
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(Plywood; upholstered natural wood; imported high-grade fabric)

- The bed frame uses a combination of pine & plywood, ensuring a solid structure for the product.

- The headboard of the bed is padded with a layer of soft cotton & foam to provide a comfortable feeling when leaning back.

- The footboard is tufted with a thin foam layer.

- Low under the bed, plastic or wooden bed legs, which help keep the bed frame separate from the floor.


Origin: designed, processed & finished by VinaBedding.



King Size 82W x 91.5D x 52H

Queen Size 66W x 91.5D x 52H

(or on request)

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