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VinaBedding was established with the dream of becoming a leading company in the field of exporting sleep care products and furniture. As an expert in the mattresses, pillows, UPH (bed, sofa, chair), and other sleeping products (divan, cushion, cover, blanket) manufacturing industry, we clearly understand that building a community of Green sleep - Quality living must be combined from both missing pieces. Honored to bring you the products that are created from nature and human intelligence, helping you better understand the value of puzzle pieces, helping you appreciate nature, and love more man-made great sleep care products. We not only speak but also act by bringing our products to the most demanding inspectors and receiving 20 prestigious domestic and international certificates.

By diversifying the supply, learning from developed countries, VinaBedding does not restrict consumers in any product line, you can always choose what you want. We have been and will continue to be committed to bringing you the most CLEAN - GREEN - SAFETY sleep care products. 

Finally, VinaBedding would like to sincerely thank the cooperation and support from our partners and customers, we are committed to continuing to make more efforts for your satisfaction and green sleep. 

Best regards! 

About Us

VinaBedding is currently operating in the field of sleep care and is a leading company specializing in providing interior solutions for famous hotel and resort projects across the country. In particular, our products are currently licensed for export in the US, Dubai, Europe, Asia (China, Korea, Japan) and some other countries in the ASEAN. 

Organizational chart:

About Us


Accompanying nature, bringing green values ​​to create a high-class living space for consumers. 


Become a leading company in the field of sleep care and furniture, a prestigious unit specializing in providing the cleanest - green - safest sleep care products.

Application of high technology in production; creating trendy, quality products and a strong commitment to standard values in business and production, always complying with the law, being environmentally friendly. 



Being friends with the environment is the smartest and strongest choice to improve living standards, to create a big change in your dream.


Society changes every day, if not catching up then will be left behind, so improvement is the critical key for VinaBedding to strengthen position in the market, to affirm the product value step by step, and to offer the best resolution for each sleep.


Since we understand that only caring about the quality of products is not enough, paying attention to the service and giving special care to the customers are also  critical elements. The excellent service is the key which helps VinaBedding keep the heart of customers and partners..


VinaBedding incorporation owns 4 factories while 3 of them are in the South and one is in the North, with the total area is over 30 hectares and are invested with the top production line.

 Over 2500 highly skilled workers and employees are working passionately at VinaBedding.

 Capacity is more than 20.000 mattresses and over 10.000 pillows every day.

 Specialized products for projects( resort, hotels, etc), auxiliary materials for factories and for exports, etc. are always available to satisfy the needs of partners and customers.

In recent years, VinaBedding incorporation has focused on developing the key points and potential investment into the automatic 100% production lines, applied non-stop the advanced technology in production to diverse types and enhanced the quality of products, developed more models and packages to be more appropriate with the cultures of the big markets. In production, we have constantly considered and selected suitable technology for each exclusive product line to have comparative advantages with the same product lines in the market.

 • Latex mattress production line: 100% automatic and advanced system including mixing latex, conveyor, molds, drying mattress room to minimum manpower, automatic production line being directly managed by managers, and mattresses’ compression force and elasticity being checked before packed.

• Spring mattress production line: The capacity is 300 mattress/8 hrs, using the directly imported spring mattress production line from Europe. Imported steel is delivered to the automatic cutting and bending system so it becomes tougher. After that, the coil spring is wrapped by a non-woven bag and the quantity of the spring is mechanically calculated to be sufficient with the mattresses’ sizes.

• Fiber mattress production line: The capacity is 40.000kg/16 hrs. Fiber is transported to the processing line to directly remove the impurities before being put in a heat press machine to make fiber layers.

Mousse mattress automatic production line: The capacity is 500 m3/8 hrs, in response to all the customers’ needs about the thickness, size, and color of fiber mattresses.

• PE mattress and PE shapes production line: The capacity is 16.000kg/16 hrs. PE materials are processed and cleaned carefully before transmitted to the processing line, then the automatic system will take care of the rest and shape PE forms and finally send out the final high standard quality products as requested.

• Polyester fiber production line: The capacity is 30.000kg/16 hrs. The quality of the fiber at the factory is examined through many sources, throughout the raw materials to the final products before reaching out to the customers.

• Knitting/Quilting production line: using the computer quilting systems, with the integration capability to create thousands of high-resolution and maximum accurate designs. All the products are strictly checked before handing out to the markets. We commit to the customers about the standard in the production business, act in law, and are friendly with the environment.


The capacity of supplying for the domestic market

Owning 4 big subsidiaries that supply for 3 different market segments( luxury, middle majority, and reasonable price), VinaBedding incorporation is confident to satisfy all domestic customers’ needs from essential products like mattress, bed, pillow, bedsheet, and luxury sofa to materials for auxiliary industries and extraordinary products for projects: hotels, resort, etc.

The capacity can daily produce more than 20.000 mattresses and over 10.000 pillows each, along with the automatic systems and a variety of processing lines. We are and are going to continue to develop the production capability to achieve the dream of being the top incorporation in sleep care products and interior furniture in the Vietnamese market. 

The capacity of supplying for projects: hotels, resorts

Honored to be a strategic partner who is specialized in supplying the premium interior furniture for well-known hotels and resorts, like HoaPhat incorporation, Parkson Vietnam, Ramada brand( owned by Wyndham Hotel Group), Hilton( leading hotel brand in the world), NamCuong hotel system( owned by NamCuong group), HonDau Resort, Imperial Boat Hotel-Hai Phong… VinaBedding has a wide network of strategic partners from the South to the North with numerous products:

●  Blanket- Bedsheet- Pillow- Mattress

●  Bed- Divan- Extra Bed

● Towels and accessories serving for hotel and resort projects

● Specific mattresses for projects and interior furniture for 2 and 3-star hotels, 4 and 5-star hotels.

The capability of supplying for foreign markets

With existing potentials, our products have licenses to import in foreign markets: the United States, Dubai, Europe, Asia( China, Korea, Japan), and other countries in the region.