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The product has a core structure of high-class spring pockets that are pressed and quilted with soft foam on the surface to create a smooth feeling for the user. The mattress is vacuumed and rolled neatly, and easy to transport, the product is representative of convenient sleeping mattresses of the modern lifestyle.

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Materials: pocket spring; bonnell spring; continuous spring.

(Depending on your order, the product can be replaced with one of the above materials).

Dimensions (centimeter/cm): on request.

Specific weight (kg/m3): depending on the size.

Fabric cover: on request.

Packing: rolls or whole sheets.

*Customers can buy in the form of raw materials or finished products as required, VinaBedding can all meet.

*Products are tailor made at the factory or are available in batches.


- The mattress is made from a premium pocket spring core that is pressed and rolled and stored in a convenient, compact box, which is a breakthrough utility.

- The mattress uses high-class body support fabric imported from the world's leading fabric group in Euro and fire-retardant fiberglass fabric according to American standards as the outer fabric.

- The white foam layer (American standard) is selected as a cushion to support the top and bottom of the mattress, supporting air circulation, creating coolness for the user.

- The mattress core consists of thousands of small spring bags made from imported European steel produced on automatic lines.

- The mattress surface is printed with 3D embossed motifs with a luxurious black border running along the border of the mattress.

- Anti-slip fabric on the bottom helps to minimize slippery movements when in use, used to complete the texture of an American quality standard mattress.


- The mattress fabric features body support to keep the spine straight, creating maximum comfort for the user, the fabric is cool, smooth, and does not cause irritation to the skin.

- The presence of fiberglass fabric makes the product different from other mattresses on the market, with high-quality, advanced fabric with optimal fire resistance according to American standards (California 1632 - 1633). ).

- Ultra-elastic foam lining helps support the skeletal system, protecting the spine from pain.

- The pocket spring structure for optimal body support, helping the person lying next to you not to be affected by movement during sleep.

- The mattress is vacuum-sealed and rolled up neatly, easy to transport, the product is representative of the convenient sleeping mattress of modern lifestyle. 


TUV - Germany:  100% natural latex mattress with maximum physical elasticity of 100/100 points, durability & long product lifespan.

SGS  - Switzerland: 100% antibacterial natural latex mattress products - insects-free.

SGS - Switzerland: certified the percentage of natural latex content in products is 100%.

Vietnam Record Organization: certified that more than 500 people jump on a mattress without causing collapse.

OEKO TEX  - Switzerland: products made from antibacterial, clean, and environmentally friendly fabrics.

ISO - Switzerland: Production and operation systems comply with quality management standards ISO 9001: 2015

ISPA - USA: products meet quality standards to join the International Sleep Products Association - an excellent member.

Vietnamese High-Quality Goods - Vietnam: products meet the standards of Vietnamese high-quality goods in 2020.

EUCHAM - Vietnam: honored to be a member of the European Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam.

AMCHAM - Vietnam: honored to be a member of the American Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam.

VCCI - Vietnam: honored to be a member of the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry. 


12 years.


Made in Vietnam; Exported products.